Irina Myagkova (maksina) wrote,
Irina Myagkova

Следующему GOES - удачного старта!

В эти выходные GOES-R, представляющий следующее поколение геостационарных метеорологический спутников, будет запущен с мыса Канаверал, штат Флорида

This weekend GOES-R (link is external), the nation’s next generation geostationary weather satellite, will launch from Cape Canaveral, Florida. Lift off is scheduled for 5:42 pm EST Nov. 19 aboard an Atlas V541 rocket. The new satellite will provide forecasters with better data, more often allowing for significant forecast improvements from the sun to the sea. Advanced imagery and increased spatial resolution will lead to more accurate watches and warnings, better situational awareness and enhanced space weather forecasting.

GOES-R Satellite
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