Irina Myagkova (maksina) wrote,
Irina Myagkova

Прогнозы, прогнозы...

Если верить,  то в ближашее время нас ожидает серия умеренных возмущений. Ну вот и посмотрим.

SDO Composite imagery/Geomagnetic Activity Forecast

A G1 (Minor) geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for 2 April. A disturbed interplanetary magnetic field (IMF) coupled with elevated solar wind speeds from a coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) are expected to impact Earth's geomagnetic field resulting in a few periods of G1 storming levels - with a chance for an isolated period of G2 (Moderate) storm levels. Although this particular recurring CH HSS is not as large or pronounced as last rotation, analysis of other data suggests this negative polarity CH HSS is still likely to have enough solar wind and IMF enhancement to warrant the G1 Watch. Interested followers should continue to follow the latest updated forecasts, discussions, and data from our SWPC webpage at to stay informed.
Tags: космическая погода

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