Irina Myagkova (maksina) wrote,
Irina Myagkova

Снова ждем бурю

На завтра (в крайнем случае на послезавтра) специалисты NOAA, опираясь на данные STEREO,  обещали сильную  бурю.

Источник. A G3 (Strong) geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for 02 November (UTC day) and a G2 (Moderate) watch has been issued for 03 November as a recurrent coronal hole high speed stream is expected to disturb the Earth’s magnetic field.  This particular feature was associated with G3 conditions last rotation. The image is a 30 day plot of the solar wind as it was seen at the STEREO spacecraft.  The high speed stream passed by the spacecraft on the backside of the Sun on 20 October.  This gives forecasters a good estimate of when to expect the coronal hole to impact the Earth as well as possible solar wind speeds we might see.

Но пока всё тихо. Кр=1. Так что ждём...

Planetary K Index plot
Tags: космическая погода

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