Irina Myagkova (maksina) wrote,
Irina Myagkova

Тихий день на Солнце

На дворе минимум солнечной активности, но даже «тихое солнце» - потрясающая вещь.

29 июля Алан Фридман из Буффало, Нью-Йорк, сфотографировал бурлящий край этого взрывающегося шара:

July 29, 2018 @ Buffalo, NY

Solar minimum has arrived, but even the "quiet sun" is an awesome thing. Powered by fusion, the sun is a 1027-ton nuclear explosion contained in one place only by the powerful force of its own gravity. On July 29th, Alan Friedman of Buffalo, New York, photographed the seething edge of that exploding ball.

"Finally... a Sunday sun with some fireworks!" says Friedman. "There were no sunspots on the face of the sun, the action was all at the edge of the disk. It was a wonderful day to be out observing."

Friedman and other observers around the world have been monitoring this prominence--a ragged magnetic filament dancing along the sun's eastern limb all weekend long. Readers, if you have a solar telescope, take a look.

Tags: Солнце, астрономическая картинка дня

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